The Northern Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce strengthens the economic climate through business leadership that fosters member and community prosperity.

Common Questions

What can the Chamber do for a member?
At the Chamber we assist in networking, advocating and educating. 

The Northern Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce serves the interests of member businesses through leadership, advocacy and services. The Chamber influences and impacts economic, governmental, workforce and community issues for the benefit of northern Rhode Island. 

The Chamber provides a vehicle to forward your pro-business ambitions, creates initiatives enhance credibility, influence, and clout; provides the opportunity to participate in programs and events with regional business leaders and elected officials to assist businesses to become prosperous and engaged in the community.

How old is the Northern Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce?
The Northern Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce (NRICC) resulted from the 1991 merger of the Blackstone Valley and Woonsocket Chambers of Commerce.

Both Chambers had been in existence since the 1880’s placing them among the oldest chambers in New England.

In 1969 The Blackstone Valley Chamber, one of the chamber’s predecessor organizations was among the very first chambers to be accredited by the US Chamber of Commerce at the inception of the accreditation program with continuous accreditation for 38 years. In 2004 under the new accreditation program the Chamber became the first in Rhode Island to receive a four star accreditation.

Is the Chamber a government entity?
No. The Chamber is not a governmental agency. The Chamber is a not-for-profit organization and relies on membership dues, grants, donations and different forms of non-dues income. These public/private monies are necessary to represent the business community. 

Does the Chamber refer only members?

Does a business have to be located in Northern Rhode Island to join The Chamber?
No. It doesn't matter where the business is located. If you want to market to Northern Rhode Island, you should consider joining The Chamber. Companies join a chamber of commerce to increase their organization’s visibility.

Doesn’t the Chamber primarily serve the needs of big businesses?
No, we serve small and big businesses alike. As a matter of fact, more than 80% of our members are small businesses with 25 or fewer employees. The Chamber is designed to be of benefit to any size business and offers varied opportunities to accommodate different needs.

Why is the Chamber involved in legislative issues?
The Chamber is involved in legislative issues because whether we or our members like it or not, government --be it legislative or administrative-- can be directly involved with the success or lack of success of a business. We are there for our members to provide the research, testimony and on-the ground advocacy work, that our members most often do not have the time to engage in. Because government has such power in the regulatory and enforcement arenas, the Chamber must be sure that the business community always has a seat at the table and always has its voice heard when elected officials are creating and defining those powers.

I don’t have time to become heavily involved in Chamber events. Does that decrease the value of my membership?
Not at all. We do more than simply host networking events. In fact, because our membership is so diverse, we offer a wide range of programs and services that meet the unique needs of our members.

Some members prefer the networking aspect of Chamber membership, while others like the advocacy and leadership we bring to the table through our Public Policy initiatives. All Chamber member businesses are listed in our Online Directory on our Website. 

Who is the president of The Chamber?
John C. Gregory, IOM is the president and CEO of the Northern Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce.

Where is The Chamber located?
The Chamber is located at:
6 Blackstone Valley Place, Suite 402
Lincoln, RI 02865

Phone: 401.334.1000
Fax: 401.334.1009

How can I schedule a ribbon cutting for my business?
Contact the Chamber at 401-334-1000 or

How can I be sure I get my money’s worth out of my Chamber Membership?
Your Chamber membership is similar to a health club membership: The more you put into it, the more you'll get out of it. The best way to build your business network is to develop relationships with other Chamber members. It is always good business, to do business with a Chamber member.

All Chamber programs are designed to give you an opportunity to make new contacts and strengthen existing relationships. The more events you attend and the more actively you participate, the faster and deeper your network will grow.

How do I submit press releases to the Chamber for publication in the newsletter or on your website?
We print portions of the press releases in the newsletter on a space-available basis and we do not guarantee that your release will be included. First priority releases are business news, followed by individual accomplishments. We typically do not print event releases. To submit your information, please send it to

If my organization is a member business, can I as an employee of the member business, attend the various Chamber events at the member rate?
Yes. If your company/organization is a member of the Chamber, you, as an employee of that member business, can attend any of The Chamber events at the member rate. Be sure to get on the mailing list. If you are not receiving our mailings please email 
with your contact information. 

How many members does the Northern Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce have?
Approximately 600.

How do I find out about Chamber events?
The Chamber sends a weekly email communication, Business Matters, announcing upcoming events for the month. You can always view all of our events online on the homepage of our web site. 

If I register for an event and don’t show up, will I still be charged the registration fee?
Yes. You will be charged unless you provide 24-hour notice of the cancellation.

Do I need to register for events?
Yes. Most Chamber events such as Egg’s N’ Issues, Networking at Night, Business Before Hours or seminars, require registration in advance in order to receive the pre-registration rate. All walk-ins will be charged a higher fee. Pre-registration allows the Chamber the opportunity to provide attendees with name tags and a more accurate attendee count.

How much does it cost to join The Chamber?
Membership dues are on a graduated scale based on number of employees. For more information, contact the Chamber at 401-334-1000 ext 102 or

Where will my business appear in the Membership Directory?
All members receive two listings on the Directory at no charge. Additional categories can be purchased. All contact information is listed on the information page on our site so that potential customers can easily contact you. Visitors can quickly click and go directly to your business site or send you an e-mail.

How can I find out which companies and organizations are Chamber members?
View the membership directory on our site; enter a company name or industry, and all the related members will be listed.

Can I use The Chamber’s logo in ads and other promotional items?
Absolutely! We encourage you to show the pride you have in your Chamber investment by using the Chamber logo. You may incorporate the phrase "member of" or "proud member of" along with the logo. You may NOT use the phrase "in association with" or "sponsored by" or any other wording that implies anything other than membership. In our members only section there is a portion that offers you html codes that you can have placed on your website stating- active member of the Northern Rhode Island Chamber.

How can I become a Chamber sponsor?
There are many levels and types of sponsorships available at the NRI Chamber. The Chamber staff will work with your company to find the type of sponsorship that best suits your needs and budget.

For sponsorship opportunities, contact the President/CEO of the Chamber, John C. Gregory, 401.334.1000 x.105 or